Privacy and Cookie Policy

See my blog entry regarding privacy concerns.

In Summary:
Privacy: Yours
Cookies: Chocolate chip
Tracking software: &^%$#@ off!

Privacy is like virginity: Once it's gone there's no getting it back. It's not about "having nothing to hide" as the uninformed and cognitively compromised people insinuate. You are not a criminal, deviant, or sociopath for taking active steps to protect it though every entity who makes money from collecting your data despises such actions.

You have the right to choose and I will fiercely your anonymity, freedom, control of personal information, and browsing habits. The less I know about you the better, like a ship passing in the wind. My website simply provides information and is a portal to the finest goods.

While collecting information would benefit my company - i.e., email flyers, direct marketing, specials and deals, promotions, better web presence - I have chosen not to. Every entity that collects your data earns far too much money selling and exploiting it to value "your" privacy and rights. Data is big business and every company wants in. Count me out!

To clarify:
  • I do not track your usage whatsoever
  • I do not use cookies, analytics, or any monitoring software
  • I do not store your information on-line or in the cloud aside from my inbox
  • I do not sell, share, or provide your information except by court order
  • I do not have ads, popups, and whatnot originating from my site
  • I do not receive compensation for "clicks" to other websites


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