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Gyrogami Last Rites List

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The Last Rites List was recently purged. New links will be coming soon or drop me an email and I'll get the information you need. Get your name on my Last Rites Mailing List to see it all.

Drink Coasters, Small Saucers, etc.

Bottle Coasters, Medium Plates, etc.

Serving Platters, Plates, Trays, Chargers, etc.

Bowls, Dishes, etc.


Cups, Goblets, Cordials, Aperitifs, etc.

Salt/Pepper, Coffee Pots, Creamers, Sugar, Demitasse, etc.


Candelabras, Candlesticks, Candle Accessories

Miscellaneous Household: Urns, Lighters, Ashtrays, Photo Frames, Baskets, etc.

Silverware, Flatware, Utensils, Cutlery

Purses, Handbags, Clutches, Compacts, Chatelaines, Etuis, etc.

Vanity Items, Powder Jars, Mirrors, Brushes, etc.

Cigarette or Cigar Boxes, Card Cases, Trinket Boxes, etc.


Porcelain, China, Glass, Crystal "only"

Everything Else


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