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rolling mill These fascinating pieces of artwork and physics are 100% handmade in the USA by me, every detail from start to finish. Most designs are cut from a square sheet of metal no bigger than the ornament's outer dimensions. This minimizes waste and cost to a degree.

The total time required to render an ornament from concept to finished product can easily exceed 100 hours!

Nothing is mass-produced. It's man versus metal. There are no automated processes. Some cuts require a precision of 0.1mm which is not easy with the steadiest hand - never mind my fat digits - or these magnificent creations wouldn't work as designed.

The order and direction in which the ornaments are bent create a handful of variations for any given design. The orientation of the spinners within their mounts creates dozens of additional combinations, some subtle and others quite unusual. Texturing and other alterations add some character.

No two ornaments can be alike since each has its own nuances. The "human factor" allows just enough variance to ensure each one is a unique piece of art that moves and behaves as it chooses. Quite similar with great effort, yes, but perfection is neither wanted nor attainable.


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