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Ornaments are appropriate for hanging on a holiday tree, from the edge of a windowsill, sitting in a custom desktop display, etc. All ornament designs can be extrapolated to super-size proportions but the changes may affect their fundamental nature. Currently, there are about 40 designs in the works not including variations.

Unless stated otherwise, these are the 5" diameter versions. They can be broken down into the following categories.

  • Miniature - These are 2-1/2" in diameter. Sometimes they are sold individually and other times in sets.
  • Static - They always remain in this fixed position though they may be hung in a variety of positions. Ornaments 1 through 4 use the same basic structure with breaks in different positions. Ornaments 2 through 4 are rather difficult to tell apart but they show the variety possible with such a simple design.
  • Simple Moving - There may be one moving section or more than a half-dozen depending on the size and shape. However, the common characteristic is that all sections are nested inside another section in its entirety. One moving part on its own axis exists within each level or section of the ornament. Different sections may or may not share a common plane or axis of movement.
    ORNAMENT 5 - One spinning section
    ORNAMENT 6 - One spinning section
    ORNAMENT 7 - One spinning section
    ORNAMENT 8 - Two spinning sections: one nested inside the other
    ORNAMENT 9 - Three spinning sections, each nested inside another

  • Compound Moving - There will be at least two separate moving sections. All moving parts within a section do not necessarily share common axes with the other moving parts or sections. Or, think of it as two or more simple moving ornaments combined into one.

  • Complex Moving - Basically anything that doesn't fit into the previous categories. There will be at least one multiple moving part which will be nested within other moving part(s) or section(s), depending on the size and shape.

Pricing will be found on each ornament's description page.

Each material has its own personality. Copper, for instance, is less finicky and more forgiving than silver so the reduced manufacturing time results in a slightly lower cost. It is less taxing on equipment than titanium or stainless steel. Textures and finishes require more time, energy, and sometimes raw materials.

The metal used in manufacturing will also have a pronounced effect, potentially more than any other factor. When purchased in MASSIVE bulk at wholesale pricing, a piece of copper for a 5" ornament may cost $2. The same in 0.999 fine silver can exceed $75; gold, several thousand dollars...and that's just the price for a blank piece of plain metal!


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