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5" Gyrogami Ornament 9

This one has three sections which spin and rotate, the smaller one nested inside the medium inside the larger one! The inner spinner is diamond-shaped, the middle one has four sides, and eight for the outer one. All have two layers per spinner. The standard modified 32-sided star-shaped framework makes up the rigid outside like most of these ornaments. Depending on the model, some or none of the spinners may share a common axes with another.

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Designed to be hung in any position. It works best with a fixed hanger to keep the ornament static, allowing the center to rotate more easily.

There is one (1) version.

Texturing, patina, polishing, super-sizing, cutting, other metals
Some options may add to base pricing

BASE PRICING - 5" Version
0.999 Fine Silver$90
0.925 Sterling Silver$90

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