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Metal Flowers

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GOT FLOWERS? The 4th wedding anniversary is flowers, 7th is copper, 25th is silver...but who needs a reason for giving flowers?

Special offer when you buy one of these in combination with a display vessel (vase, cup, etc.).

Here are some highlights:
  • Made one at a time so each one is unique
  • 0.999 silver versions use my 100% eco-friendly silver
  • All manufacturing performed on-site by me
  • Numerous textures and patinas available
  • Life-size 14" and miniature 7" versions in both silver and copper
  • Any size can be ordered whether a brooch or a garden bird bath
  • For the ultimate expression of love or an apology, solid gold is perfect
  • Delicate like the real thing - these are incredibly life-like

My metal flowers are handmade one at a time. The basic model is 100% copper and starts with a sheet of copper foil. The deluxe model is 0.999 fine silver and worth every penny of its precious metal content. The standard-size version produces a bud about 5" across the tips of the sepal with a flower section 3-1/2" across the petals and roughly 2-1/2" high. The hollow stem is about 12" long and 3/16" in diameter. The miniature version is half that size all around.

Each rose has three layers of petals including the unbloomed center part. They're not clunky or heavy. Under a strong breath, the petals will actually move. There are no thorns but if you really want to slice and dice your recipient, I'll add some.

These can be made smaller or larger using different metals if necessary. How about a set of tiny gold earrings? Or a massive stainless steel rose accenting your flower garden, doubling as a bird bath and planting container? If you can imagine it then it's a possibility.

Order them NOW!

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Hover over the red lettering to see an example. Click on the price to see or buy one.

The following styles are available:
  • 0.999 Pure silver long-stem rose 14" - $220
  • Miniature 0.999 Pure silver long-stem rose 7" - $125
  • Long-stem copper rose 14" - $60
  • Miniature long-stem copper rose 7" - $50
pure copper metal rose flower
Choose "coloring" for copper only (induced with heat, not paint):
  • Natural
  • Purple/blue/red
  • Brown
  • Mosaic of color
copper rose patina color choices
Choose texture/finish for copper or silver:
  • Natural
  • Brushed
  • Medium
  • Mosaic of texture
copper rose texture choices
Copper options for an additional charge:
  • Heavy duty - Thicker sheet for more demanding applications!
  • Size - need a different size?
copper flower options
Other options for an additional charge:
  • Other metals - these are just as beautiful and unique
  • Mixed materials - copper and silver look great together!
  • Displays - how about a metal origami vase?
other metal flower options


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