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About These Sculptures

As a gift, your recipient will feel privileged because they haven't seen anything like this!
  • Buy directly from the artist
  • Each piece is hand-made and unique, nothing is mass-produced
  • Your purchase supports an American company
  • Eco-friendly precious metals
  • Complete transparency about the origin, manufacturing, and distribution
My designs start as scribbles on paper to determine if they are practical. From there, they are put into CAD form to check the proportions. Several prototypes are cut, sized, folded, assembled, and inspected. The measurements are adjusted, more prototypes are made, and it's repeated until right.

For each ornament, the design may take 20 or more hours. The refinement stage is the longest on average; getting an appreciable amount of finished prototypes is equally as long. Hopefully there is a quicker process for making a sellable item because the prototypes take too long. That's the challenge.

With origami patterns, it takes much, much longer to make a singular metallic one. When converting to metals, the requirements during each step are increasingly time-consuming. Folding metal under a magnifying glass with obscenely small tools can yield some great results.


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