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periodic element I believe in complete transparency regarding the supply chain for my raw materials.

Part of the charm with the metallic ornaments is the green-friendly pedigree. Reclaiming gold and silver has always been the way. They are fully processed on-site.

Silver has many extraordinary characteristics. Second only to gold in malleability, it is the most electrically conductive, the best conductor of heat and cold, and the most reflective or shiniest element and metal. It has been revered as money and currency for time eternal. It has vital industrial and economic uses. Yay for silver! However, nearly any material from rusty plate steel to niobium can be used.

Some of the most interesting properties of silver and copper are the powerful anti-microbial and anti-viral ones. Safe and natural, silver is superior. Science is still trying to determine the exact nature of how this works but it appears the silver ions neutralize specific parts of the proteins, rendering the virus harmless. Germs, even supergerms, have no defense.

Metaphysically, they are renowned for their energy healing properties. I'd be skeptical of charlatans who claim these metals will grow a new arm or leg but there is truth to tales from yesteryear. With the advent of our increasingly ineffective modern medicines, silver has been relegated to folklore status despite centuries of proven benefits. Still, silver is being used for this very purpose though a long-overdue resurgence will be coming.

Instead of reaching for the bottle of toxic hand sanitizer replete with chemicals that eventually end up in the water supply and environment, touch a non-toxic silver or copper piece. The oils from your hands will form the most wonderful patina. It becomes uniquely yours with every touch - the patina is reminiscent of and defined by you.

Reclaiming Silver: Scrap to Storeshelf

refining pictures
scrap silver waiting for melting dore bars silver grain on electrode silver grain cleaned and ready for melting silver shot silver ingots manufactured silver stock finished chainmail necklace

Pictures (left to right, hover over thumbnail to see larger picture): scrap silver before melting; dore bars ready for the refiner; 0.999+ fine silver grain attached to the electrodes; silver grain washed and ready for melting; silver shot; 0.999 fine silver ingots; manufactured silver stock; finished chainmaille JPL3 necklace.

All precious metal items are made on-site by me: grain, shot, powder, alloys, solder, bars, ingots, sheet, foil, wire, square stock, jump rings, clasps, findings,...EVERYTHING! Silver and gold are reclaimed from scrap and other materials. This eliminates the bad karma associated with getting materials from new sources, ensuring a responsible and ethical supply chain of precious metals (here is an interesting blog entry about conflict materials).

Cut and smashed into a pile of fluffy nuggets, it meets the furnace for the first time. After a few hours, it is ready to be poured into dore bars. The long and wide dore bars weigh up to 150 ounces each.

Add some basic chemistry via electrolytic refining to get 99.9% purity or 0.999 fine silver as it's called. Then it meets the furnace again to be melted into shot or poured into ingot molds. It's not alchemy but it has been created and nurtured from the molecular level!


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