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Concept & Design

crease pattern Origami, the art of paper folding, and kirigami, the art of paper cutting, allow natural yet complex three-dimensional objects to be expressed with simple folding, bending, or cutting of a two-dimensional object. They're the working person's artwork, the gami gemini.

Physics is the study of matter and how it reacts with energies and forces. The collective of simple machines like the incline plane or lever captures the essence of movement for virtually anything our naked eyes see. Magnetism, light, gravity, friction, balance, centripetal - these affect us daily. We have sought perpetual motion, boundless energy, and clever ways to thwart or harness hidden forces yet groundbreaking solutions may only exist as impractical theories.

Combining science with the gami gemini has led to the creation of functional and interactive artwork. The self-evident name immediately conjures a curious anticipation as the mind struggles to envision the concept. It is called Gyrogami.

math equations At the bottom left are some formulas for plotting and determining crease patterns. As designs become more complex, there may be 10 or 15 steps using several of these equations just to plot one fold. To the upper right is a mathematically generated crease pattern. Note the symmetry. Curse you high school trigonometry, damn you Euler!


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