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HISTORY OF ORIGAMI - Origami began almost 2000 years ago in China. The Japanese culture all but swallowed it up a few hundred years later. Numerous cultures provide a colorful backdrop with their own contributions to this elegant, expressive artwork.

Origami mimics everyday objects. Folding patterns often show components of fractal geometry. While mostly ornamental, origami was used to send confidential correspondences. One could open and read the contents but not refold it. It helped a Mars' landing mission deploy its parachute properly in the weird atmosphere.

MY DESIGN PROCESS - These metallic interpretations cannot be made using traditional techniques like refolding, reverse folding, sink folding, etc. The goal is to use as little material as possible to create the design, a completely naked model with no hidden or secretive bends and folds. They visually distill origami to utter simplicity.

After mastering the paper version, countless models are disassembled and examined. A heavy dose of trigonometry and abundant colorful expletives produce the essence of the design.

The next question is whether it can be made with metal sheet. Origami models may have 100 or more steps, comprising hundreds of individual folds and innumerable combinations of fold lines. As the complexity increases, the development time exponentially multiplies.

Origami designs are protected by intellectual property laws. More details will follow. If your heart is set on a metal origami ornament, please contact me for additional information.

Pricing, sizes, materials, and additional information will be found on each model's page.


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