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Eco-Friendly Processes

My eco-conscious precious metals and manufacturing processes ensure high-quality raw materials and finished products:

Acquisition - To date, all precious metals have been reclaimed from existing sources. This eliminates the environmental destruction from mining and many of the wastes associated with processing, storage, and transporting. Questionable labor activities and negative social consequences are naturally avoided, too.

Conflict materials and precious metals go hand-in-hand. Social and environmental damage inflicted while bringing jewelry products - luxury products - to market is unconscionable. Responsible stewards of the planet know who and what their purchases support.

Energy Use - I feel electric furnaces pollute less overall than nearly all fuel-fired ones. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and in time it will provide all of my torch firepower. It is the cleanest, safest, and most precise flame. The only byproduct is water. Until then, it is natural gas.

The energy and man-hours normally wasted along the supply chain from processing, storage, and transporting are gone because everything is done on site. In the future I hope to be energy-independent with renewable sources.

Manufacturing - I make all raw and manufactured materials: grain, wire, findings, foil, sheet, ingots, etc. Literally, these precious metal pieces have been nurtured from the molecular level starting with the refining process.

I support American companies and craftspeople whenever possible, the "localer" the better. Going elsewhere wastes resources, especially if it involves another country as this only worsens our dependence on foreign entities.

Design - I create rudimentary software to help design new products. Working on the computer shortens the prototype stage. Prototypes are vital to the end product. Every hour on the computer saves up to ten hours of regular labor. That helps reduce my carbon footprint.

Transactions - Bartering is the ultimate expression of freedom and privacy because it puts control back into the hands of the people. There is more satisfaction and buying power this way. It will be a valuable transaction tool as the world economies become increasingly unstable.

Paying fees for the privilege of paying bills or buying merchandise is criminal. Why give some tycoon a down-payment on his fifth vacation home when that money could be used for your living quarters, your child's college fund, your yearly vacation, or supporting your local businesses. Merchants lose a measurable percentage every time someone used a credit card (or debit in some cases) so even if they raise their prices to compensate, the only ones getting richer are the big everyone's expense, once again.


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