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Chain Link Jewelry Buyer's Guide

Jewelry to avoid
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Your choices send a powerful message so know your seller and what you're buying!
  • Is the material eco-friendly?
  • Can you contact or meet the artist?
  • Do they support ethical practices (no conflict materials, sweatshops, illegal mining, etc.)?
  • Are they capable of doing respectable custom work?
  • Is their entire portfolio composed of exemplary pieces?

NOTE: This is designed to educate though these facts are difficult to accept for those who make low-quality items.

Here are some helpful hints:
  • Jewelry is about fashion and function. Anything detracting from them is unacceptable.
  • The "jewelry standard" is an unspoken rule that requires precious metals to be soldered or welded. Otherwise, it's a poorly made, overpriced novelty.
  • Nearly all "handmade" jewelry does not, in fact, meet the legal definition of handmade.
  • There is a big difference between fine jewelry and craft items. Jewelry is rare but expensive junk is everywhere.
  • Gaps, misaligned edges, jagged edges, and other faults do not appear on jewelry.
  • Saw-cut rings are mandatory for anything touching flesh or fabric.
  • Finished pieces should be smooth and effortlessly mingle with the shaggiest fabric.
  • Bad construction can be seen in the blink of an eye from a distance whereas extraordinary pieces remain flawless after a thorough inspection.
  • Price should indicate quality regardless of the other factors.
  • Experience is irrelevant since precision workmanship is either there or it's not.
  • Custom designs will only be as good as an artist's worst piece.
  • Legitimate artists openly, honestly, and fully answer all questions without getting angry.


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