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Eco-Conscious Manufacturing

eco-conscious and green-friendly
Tools of the trade

Here's a summary:
  • All precious metals for jewelry are reclaimed and fully processed in-house
  • Everything is made by me from solder to jump rings
  • Limited use of mechanized equipment
  • Barter still exists - I prefer it!
  • Social responsibility is important

My precious metals are reclaimed from existing sources which is a karmic powerhouse compared to anything else. Natural resources are spared, vital habitats are left intact, and there are no questionable labor or acquisition tactics, i.e. no conflict minerals. Sourcing this way matters to me. Being a responsible steward of our planet and leaving the world a better place for the next generation should concern everyone.

I make all the raw and manufactured precious metal materials whether grain, solder, wire, or foil. Local sellers are preferred because it keeps our economy strong and reduces the waste from transport, storage, and distribution. Lastly, a menagerie of salvaged and re-purposed equipment gives my products a unique and endearing backstory.

More information can be found here.


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