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Energy Jewelry

om picture See my blog regarding Energy Jewelry for more information.

Good energy anything can't begin without the most pristine raw materials. Mine are 100% handmade with earth-friendly precious metals that I recycle, refine, and reclaim from existing materials. They are conflict-free and manufactured in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

Every step and process is performed by me so no one else tarnishes the pure, positive, passionate energy being infused. I don't use inferior materials. Proper assembly is ensured with welded or soldered rings for sanctity and strength. Without good workmanship, quality ingredients, and respectful attitudes towards people and nature then the new owner is not getting what was promised.

Common materials used in jewelry - nickel, zinc, steel, and even copper - have been shown to cause allergic reactions. Some are outright toxic! Fortunately, silver is my preferred metal. It does everything copper does but much better. Gold is a good option as well.

All of my metalworking gets the same treatment. Yoga jewelry, Reiki jewelry...you think of something and I'll make it from scratch. However, specially labeled items are birthed in the presence of a specific mantra or energy to invoke one of the "big four" with a special stamp or tag to indicate they are dedicated to a cause:
  • Health and wellness
  • Prosperity and abundance
  • Love and acceptance
  • Peace and tranquility

NOTE: Mainstream "energy jewelry" manufacturers want you to believe that a nifty backstory or fancy tag imparts some magical energy to a mass-produced, machine-made item. The placebo effect is strong and if this is all one needs to improve their wellbeing - whatever and however that may manifest - then precious metals will do it better (ahem).

Legitimate energy jewelry is here! Email me for more details.


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