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Energy/therapeutic jewelry has existed for a while. Good energy begins with selecting quality materials that are responsible to the planet and continues through every step of manufacturing.

Can a mass-produced item become a bestower of positive energy with a simple tag or stamping? A long-winded backstory or nifty catchphrase? Lies about the origin or manufacturing (that must be some negative energy it gives off)? Do all workers in the supply chain have decent, fair working conditions? Are they exuberant and passionate? For that matter, do the products even have human contact?

Are these things just a marketing tactic, outright lies, or illegal? It's mostly a combination of all three, but there is some science here.

My jewelry has always been handmade from the molecular level. It was created with focused, positive energy. The eco-friendly precious metals are reclaimed to eliminate the damage from new mining operations. They capture the earth-friendly essence by respecting nature and people. It infuses good karma into these keepsakes.

During construction, the crystals will align and adapt to the specific mantra or thought, boosting support for energy flow. They are created by a passionate artisan with dedication and purpose. This is only possible with high-quality manufacturing techniques and a desire for superior products.

Different metals and shapes are associated with a particular feeling, emotion, etc. Metals are crystalline structures that can influence energy. Most energy jewelry seems to use copper. However, silver is better in many ways: it is hypo-allergenic, won't discolor skin, less susceptible to tarnishing, a better anti-microbial agent, has unusual magnetic properties, and is shinier.

Silver's natural, non-toxic, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties have worked for eons. Physically, one can see the importance of neutralizing harmful substances. Energetically, this translates into a healing matrix as silver has a capacity to interact with its surroundings. Spiritually, it is a cleanser of the soul; astrologically, the lunar metal.

Two energy stories come to mind. First is an eye-opening experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto who observed ice crystals forming unique patterns based on the words it was exposed to while freezing. Good words produced beautiful crystals and bad words, ugly ones. The information can be found here.

Silver's natural, non-toxic, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties have worked for eons.
The second pertains to the inability of modern science/technology to replicate the magnificence of ancient Japanese samurai swords. What an unattended machine makes in a few perfunctory hours takes a dedicated team more than a year. Ritualized, spiritual ceremonies for constructing the furnace, smelting, selecting ores, forging, tempering, and polishing create the divide.

This isn't new age weirdness. These phenomena have scientific explanations. Quantum physics says our acts and thoughts have a profound influence on daily life. Numerous studies have validated the effects of meditation, praying, and other focused mental energies.

Will a crappy sword become perfect because a master sword maker stamps it? Are ice crystals going to do musical chairs after they're frozen? It's a little more involved than an after-the-fact branding. Makes all that supposed "energy jewelry" that has stormed onto the scene in recent years seem marginalized.

Many will deny the science because it seems like sorcery, hippie fodder, or anti-religious propaganda. As Neil deGrasse Tyson said, "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it."

Purchase legitimate energy jewelry here; it's all I've ever made. There are plenty of placebos elsewhere.

Posted by M: October 10, 2018

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