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It's Hammer Time
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It had ferocious pounding power in its repurposed form.

Pictures coming soon!

--> No, it's not a tribute to the self-made rags-to-riches-to-rags music legend but a tribute to tools! You can fix just about anything with a hammer, vise grips, and duct tape. When those fail a bigger hammer will end the frustration...or at least bring some satisfaction smashing with it.

At a recent outdoor flea market sat a home-made hammer. After scratching the oxidized and painted surface, a gleam of color popped through. This was a bronze, copper, or brass hammer. It had ferocious pounding power in its repurposed form. The simplicity was devilish.

Well-used and mushroomed, there was plenty of meat on it to reshape it via a larger hammer and some grinding. But it was functional as it stood and the ideas it sparked was what really sold it. For $5, it was a no-brainer since I didn't have one like it.

It would be so easy to make a lost-wax mold or the like and make whatever size was needed. There would be no worrying about the handle coming loose as it could be cast into place. Without that, a drill bit and tap would make quick work of the soft metal. I have plenty of scrap brass fittings collecting dust.

It had ferocious pounding power in its repurposed form.
Things like this travel in triplets. I suppose the first happened a few months ago at another flea market/yard sale thing. Two massive sledgehammers - a 12lb unattached head and a 16lb behemoth ready-to-strike - were begging for a new home. The scrap value for the heads alone and their massive size was well worth the asking price. He probably never saw someone so excited about a pair of rusty sledges.

A few days ago, the definitive hammer came into the shop. It had removable faces. For a tool junkie this was pure gold. Anyone else might say, "It's only a ^%$#@ hammer, for cryin' out loud!"

This company makes a whole line of non-marring hammers. From solid rawhide to plastic to wood to copper, they have it all in just about any size with fixed or removable heads. This is a one-stop mallet-lover's dream. If they don't have your favorite face material, the most rudimentary machine shop could make one quickly.

There were plenty of deals at the yard sales and flea markets, even silver at less-than-scrap prices. Here's a hint: When someone advertises a cat scratch post and a cat carrier as selling points in their yard sale, stay away.

Posted by M: July 9, 2018

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