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Mind Your Own Business
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"Mind your own business!" A typical response when a person has been caught lying, scamming, or cheating and they have no defense. I have yet to find one instance when they can legitimately say it.

Mind my own business? Well, fuckhead, this is my business and you're ruining it for honest merchants!! How many businesses or industries haven't been harmed by fraudsters and counterfeits? Ergo, it is everyone's problem and everyone's concern.

Some people's businesses are based on thievery and cheating so there is no limit on who, what, where, when, why, and how. Most of them lack integrity and consciences so anything, even pennies, is a win. While the first time someone does this they should be educated, Hammurabi says they should have bodyparts removed if they continue. Can't argue with him.

To excuse or "remedy" their illegal behavior, these ethically defective people deflect the blame. They can't comprehend they caused the situation. It is all about how offended they feel which is reason enough to dismiss their actions with a clear conscience. Their cognitive shortcomings hint at myriad additional issues which transform reality and logic into something sinister. Denial at it's best!

Their most recent victim, the latest in a never ending stream, is the problem since the jerks are perfectly fine with lying and cheating. It's their mark that is upset, not them. The defrauded have an obligation to speak up otherwise they are (indirectly) condoning and fueling the charade.

Intellectual minions with advanced cases of the Dunning-Kruger effect never learn.
Public shaming may have worked in yesteryears but no longer. Relying on someone to do the right thing "just because" is becoming a nostalgic relic. People are perfectly fine denying the truth when they hear it as highlighted by recent political viewpoints and events.

With all the misguided echo chamber mentality out there anyone can say whatever they want and it will be backed up by countless mindless idiots. There is NEVER a reason to seek truth, facts, or acknowledge wrongdoing and mistakes. Intellectual minions with advanced cases of the Dunning-Kruger effect never learn.

If their beliefs are challenged, especially with incontrovertible facts and figures - math particularly - it is second nature to hunker down. There is no coming back from that, no defense or cure except confining them to a place where they can live in bliss with their own kind. Civilized, stable people and societies don't need the shenanigans.

Posted by M: September 19, 2022

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