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This Ring Will Fit
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Conventional rings don't fit everyone. On a given time and day it might, but swelling, injury, or something else makes it difficult for a ring to stay put or get it on. Plus, fingers aren't perfectly round but most rings are, creating a bit of an issue.

Usually a ring will only fit one finger. Even the same finger on the other hand varies by a half-size or more depending on the musculature and bone structure. For me, all fingers on my dominant hand are slightly larger. Granted I work a lot with my hands so it may be more pronounced.

Several standard solutions can overcome this. Affixing something to the inside of the ring decreases the effective size. Like you're gonna grow into it or something? Well, yes, that insert can be changed as needed. It's only for making rings fit tighter, naturally, but not helpful with odd-shaped or irregular finger issues. It's purely a sizing implement.

Several of my rings have a range of at least one ring size without modification or special tricks. It's inherent to the design.

Up to five, that is, unless it's an anchor you want.
Option one is a Mobius Ring. Though there is no size range with the two-band version, it gets interesting with three or more bands. I can't count how many ways there are to wear a five-band version since the layup, ring orientation and position within the layup, and how it's made affect the effective size; it's easily a two size variance! It gets really interesting when multiple wire sizes are used, giving the widest range possible and a visual element that's not easily ignored.

The second is the Dual-Band Crossover Ring. There are four wire thicknesses at virtually any ring size. The ring is compressed a tiny amount prior to putting it on. As it's slid up the finger, its spring-like nature expands over higher spots and resumes its normal size thereafter.

Last is the Sailor's Knot Ring. At least four wire thicknesses available, sized to fit virtually any finger. It is worn like the Dual-Band Crossover.

The other adjustable feature on the Dual-Band Crossover, Sailor's Knot, and the Dual Overhand Knot is that the bands can be separated from each other in the back for a snugger fit still yet.

If desired, a wraparound ring can be made similar to utensil rings. The band is slotted or split so that it can be easily enlarged or shrunk. It's essentially a slightly larger version of a toe ring.

Posted by M: May 28, 2024

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