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Update Those Displays
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Fresh off a solid win redesigning my earring rack - I'm already thinking about the next version - I decided to redo more displays. A booth, as much as the packaging and literature, should be indicative of the items being sold. Quality products demand a professional appearance devoid of disorder and jumbled randomness. All goods deserve at least that courtesy.

My original sterling silver utensil ring display was great in principle but failed in practice. The most recent system uses repurposed antique office desk drawers to make a folding case with removable rods holding up to a dozen rings each. It's too small for all the rings though it works well and looks classy.

The silverplated ring display was marginal on its best day. Easy to set up, it required scant table space but was sub-par. The vertical rods kinked more than one neck and back. I lengthened the rods and turned them horizontal making sort of a ladder. It can display 400+ rings at once but my expanding selection will outgrow it soon.

Bracelet displays were cheap to say the least. The bracelets rotated on the arms so they didn't stay positioned properly. Every joint was loose and I constantly battled to keep them together. Their only redeeming quality was being small enough to put anywhere.

Until the aha moment hits I can only shake my head knowing there is a better way.
They needed a serious makeover. I dragged out the table saw, planer, router, sander, sliding compound miter saw, drill press...basically a farmer's market of woodworking equipment and hand tools. My original plan wasn't going to work so I had to buy more tools and parts. God knows I just hate buying tools!

The sturdy natural wood stand has ovalized arms to ensure the bracelets stay oriented perfectly. It disassembles quickly with ample room for additional cuffs and bangles. While I wouldn't take a hammer to it, there's no risk of accidental damage from an overzealous or clumsy patron.

Standard finger rings finally have dedicated homes: a dozen 50-slot foam-backed boards in custom wooden folding cases. Utensil jewelry like pendants, earrings, keychains, and the like are just kind of hanging around. Body jewelry (septum and nose rings, lip rings, cartilage rings, ear tunnels, etc.) and pendants are interspersed here and there. Until the aha moment hits I can only shake my head knowing there is a better way.

Chain link and chainmaille necklaces and bracelets are going to require additional thought. They chill out in three glass display cases taking up an entire table. It keeps prying hands off and looks elegant but it's an inefficient method that houses just a fraction of my chains. A few mobile neck/torso displays are spread about for necklaces - again, it's a permanently temporary get-me-by.

There's really nothing ground-breaking about the new displays. Similar ones are at many shops and booths. A sense of accomplishment comes from making many of them myself, to my specs, using recycled and repurposed parts while bypassing the exorbitant prices and blandness of commercial units.

Some of the old displays are usable should the situation warrant but I hope to retire most of them. The better ones could be a hand-me-down for other products until they become tomorrow's re-repurposed skeletons.

Posted by M: April 22, 2024

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