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Silver Is Special
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Silver is the only metal capable of producing chains and jewelry this exquisite. Instinctually, we know that silver is special as it was one of the first elements mankind discovered. Metaphysically, silver is renowned for its properties. It forms a crystal structure which reacts to the energy and chemistry of the wearer. This is not anecdotal or hocus-pocus snake oil, it is proven science. Be skeptical of charlatans who claim it will grow a new leg but there is some truth to wives' tales.
  • Valuable in its raw form - As I walked out of a recent auction, I knew that if a tank ran over and burned my purchase it would be still be fully salvageable because it was silver and gold. Had that happened to the winner of an 18th century $30,000+ porcelain doll or the $12,000 Brady Bunch bubblegum card collection it would have been a complete loss.
  • Physical properties - Silver is the shiniest, the best conductor of electricity, heats up and cools down the fastest, more malleable and ductile than any metal besides gold, safe to handle, doesn't tarnish as easy as silver alloys, and has more heft than most anything else. Other characteristics help give it a unique fell when made into chains.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-viral - It has natural anti-microbial properties shared by few substances, even better than copper or man-made chemicals. More products are incorporating silver for this reason from clothing to water treatment facilities. Modern antibiotics have relegated silver to a footnote despite centuries of proven benefits.
  • Unusual ability to fuse (weld) under atmospheric conditions - Without flux, solder, or protective gases nearly every metal develops scale/oxidation when heated near its melting temperature...except for certain precious metals. Silver can be welded flawlessly with an $8 torch.
  • Reasonable pricing - There's more silver than any other precious metal. It makes affordable jewelry that can endure for generations. In bullion form it is for the investor, trader, and collector alike.
  • It makes fine jewelry - The most elegant party or gala is befitting. It can be understated or flashy as needed.
  • Hypo-allergenic - Some are allergic to sterling silver but I am unaware of any who are allergic to pure silver. Some people's chemistry may cause tarnish to appear quicker but it's harmless color on the skin.
  • It makes cool sounds - Many metals change their tune as they pass through hardness states or are forged into different shapes. Silver has a pleasant octave range.

Posted by M: January 13, 2017

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