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A friend of mine flew recently. Don't argue with the flight attendants. She paid extra to have the emergency aisle seat so she can stretch her legs. She debated...pack the riding stick or bring it on the plane due to its fragility.

Apparently, some people can't tell the difference between a riding stick, which doesn't even reach the ground, and a bona fide walking implement (cane, crutch). She explained for the umpteenth time that it was not a cane and proceeded to do jumping jacks in the aisle.

The flight attendants - well, one in particular - called security. Disabled people are not allowed to sit in the emergency exit seats yet my friend, the "disabled" passenger, was insistent. She was told to relinquish her seat or she would be forcibly removed from the plane. The extra money she paid for the seat - TOO BAD!

They all knew my friend wasn't disabled as she could out-athlete most men half her age. They knew it wasn't a cane or walking stick or anything other than a riding stick. Only the most dimwitted, ignorant fool would think otherwise.

But they would not NOT back-up the flight attendant, would not throw the deserving skank under the bus. She was too ignorant to know what the stick was and when she found out, too arrogant to admit she was wrong. The power rush must've been intoxicating!

Even a normal business has its share of peons who flex their muscles because their life outside work is shit-out-of-control and this is where they take power back. You expect this service at the motor vehicle office or any place that offers a service unavailable elsewhere. Which includes the airlines - the word of a flight attendant is god and when push comes to shove, they'll drinketh from the cup of absolute power.

She was too ignorant to know what the stick was and when she found out, too arrogant to admit she was wrong.
I wrote this blog due to an interaction with XXXX company's dickweed rep in the Massachusetts area, John. I needed a device that self-tightens onto wire. I've seen them, held them, but they're difficult to find, apparently. This company supposedly had them.

Within seconds I knew John was a prick. I hung up the phone in frustration because he was incapable of understanding that someone could need a device for no other reason than what it was designed for.

This guy's gonna pound a few back and tell his buddies how his astute questioning foiled a mastermind terrorist whose plot to blow up the world hinged on getting this piece.

People need to feel important and there's no better way to feel the "mostest" importantest than at work when they deny someone entirely. Like asking questions that have no relevance to what the customer wants. And then insinuating the customer is hiding information or being evasive. Sometimes the customer can't give those answers for myriad reasons. Does it even matter? Is the customer even 1% right, ever, these days?

Posted by M: April 20, 2022

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