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Categories: Experiences and daily life; Humor and sarcasm

Word count/read time: 415 words; 2 minutes better than an elephant's memory! Einstein knew the uselessness of cluttering his mind with facts and figures. Nowadays, anything is but a quick internet search away. Who needs those pesky books anyway?

We have long since graduated from engraving stone tablets and even physically writing with a pen or pencil as our computers have all but usurped penmanship. Stone tablets have lasted for millennia whereas paper has a few centuries and electronic media a few years. The faster technology changes the less lifespan it has, both from a longevity and an evolution standpoint. Vinyls lasted how many decades? CDs one or two, DVDs are already out, and planned obsolescence drives consumerism beyond unsustainable levels.

However and whyever the information is recorded, it has to be both organized and catalogued in order to find it. Basically there are three steps: record it, organize/store it, and make the metadata available to searches (google, library card catalogue, index, etc.).

I didn't even remember doing it - must have been a serious case of denial or repression.
I experiment with lots of chains. There are test and prototype sections all over my shop. Some may be with the parent weave, the jump rings, scrap pile, or another six places. It would be nice to organize it better but it seems to work. The key part: As long as I know that I have it!

Recently I was making a """new""" chain. After planning and testing numerous ring and wire sizes, I stumbled upon my completely forgotten previous attempt. Well, I proved all over again which sizes would and wouldn't work. Dumbass! I didn't even remember doing it - must have been a serious case of denial or repression. There was no record in my log book, either. Double and triple dumbass!!

It would have been irrelevant whether or not I found the chain section since it was the information that mattered. I know this is a one-time occurrence. I'll never do it for this weave again. But there are many hundreds of weaves....

Often we find ourselves wondering what notes are important when faced with the unknown. All facts and figures are the best default because throwing away useless words is far easier than trying to remember.

The optimist in me says it is far better to ignorantly and blissfully plod through it again only to rediscover previous attempts. If it was properly documented, it would have been easily found. At least I re-recognized a "good" weave with a fresh, albeit absent-minded, perspective. Optimism doesn't pay the bills so it's a sardonic consolation at best.

Posted by M: January 25, 2021

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