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Jeweler I Am Not
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I make artistic creations in every metal imaginable. The permanence and presence of metal are the main reasons. Whether or not it's artwork can be a matter of debate. Most of my items are jewelry whose designs are my best guesstimation of what people desire.

They require welding, soldering, and brazing which are also necessary for doing repairs. The basic skills are quickly taught in vocational or adult education classes, internet videos, and craft centers. Soldering is not that difficult and open-flame fusing can be learned with some practice. TIG welding is another story as no metal is more challenging than silver.

Advanced knowledge needs a mentor and those can be challenging to find when you are pushing into uncharted waters. Experience with how metals act and ways to entice them to cooperate will forever teach lessons.

Nor am I a sculptor, painter, artist, or a lot of other things.
Assembling the item is not rocket science since anyone with half a brain should be able to do much of it. The finished chain link jewelry pieces are not overly complex for the most part, consisting of round or forged jump rings arranged in easily defined ways.

Some chain styles are more advanced. Chainmaille occupies the "It's so easy it should be criminal" spot on the list. Loop-in-loop chains are infinitely more difficult if all you've ever done is open and close jump rings like typical chainmaille.

It is a huge luxury, relief, and satisfaction to make all the raw materials and manufactured goods yourself. I manufacture tools and equipment, too, and those are nearly as important. In the whole scheme of things, it has (little or) no relevance whatsoever. That's right, all that work for naught. Kind of depressing. However, the untold benefits make it worthwhile.

I make jewelry but am not a jeweler, at least as I see it. It becomes more obvious as I work with things other than jewelry. Nor am I a sculptor, painter, artist, or a lot of other things. But I do create items that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere that reside in these categories.

There are many ways to render an image with paper, glass, fabric, and other substrates. I strive to be 1% DaVinci so all these mediums have significance and are worth exploring. Basic, well-made piece will always be in style and appreciated by the masses.

Posted by M: July 23, 2023

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