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What Is Silver?
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As a warning from my experiences dealing with precious metals, assume the (silver, gold) you are buying is fake.

Mankind has known about silver for 6000-7000 years, among the oldest in our history. It occupies the 47th position on the periodic chart with an atomic weight of 107.8682. Its density or specific gravity is 10.49 (grams per cubic centimeter), with a melting temperature of 962°C and a boiling temperature of 2162°C. It is diamagnetic, which means that it repels magnets slightly...strong magnets like rare earth ones.

It belongs to the precious metals group which is known for its economic value, resistance to oxidation, and relative safety when handled in its pure form. It is also a noble metal and transition metal. Noble metals, unlike base metals, are generally stable in air and water with minimal oxidation. Transition metal means the electrons that combine with other elements are located in more than one electron shell, giving rise to many oxidation states.

It can be welded in open air by any method imaginable.
Silver is the most reflective element for visible light. Second only to gold in malleability, it gets bested by gold and platinum for ductility. It is the most electrically conductive element. It can be welded in open air by any method imaginable. Thermal conductivity, or how quickly something heats up/cools down, is number one. That is why it is so damn hard to TIG weld!

It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties shared by few elements. Therefore, it has usefulness as an all-natural and safe sanitizer. It is also hypo-allergenic in its pure form. Sterling silver, the most common alloy for this purpose, is impure; the copper, nickel, zinc, or other alloying metals will cause discoloration or allergic reactions in a small percentage of the population.

Industrially it is a powerhouse! Photography would have taken a much different path. Nothing is better for electrical contacts than pure silver. It has the lowest contact resistance of all elements. Basically, contact resistance is a measure of how much friction it experiences as it slides against itself. This helps make slippery jewelry chains.

Once more prized and valuable than gold, it has been a staple for most currencies until the governments decided to hoard silver and produce worthless paper and coin money . Its price has fluctuated throughout history like all commodities but has proven itself a worthy investment and hedge against inflation. Mind you, REAL silver in hand, not the "paper silver."

The governments would rather you didn't have real silver, gold, or physical assets because it's so much easier to confiscate or manipulate electronic finances. One requires the press of a button, the other a whole lot of work.

There is a regulation which allows the USA government to take whatever they want whenever they want for however much they want to pay in times of war or unrest. With a war-mongering president there will always be a war. Precious metals are specifically mentioned. They have been targeted in the past and will be in the future.

Posted by M: June 13, 2014

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