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Celebrate Your Hobby
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Imagine a world where everyone worked in the profession they loved, which coincidentally happened to be perfectly suited for their aptitudes. Whether your professional life is fulfilling is up to each person to decide. Hobbies give us something to explore. Leisure time is spent doing things we enjoy, or should enjoy. It makes no sense squandering precious free moments doing stuff that isn't fun.

Hobbies put you in control, leave you to your own devices. There's no one harping over you. Passion is a bonus because the desire to continuously improve keeps the process fresh. Mediocrity and low-quality results shouldn't be the goal. There is always room for improvement; whether that is a challenge or a limit depends on your outlook.

Some hobbies are unusual. I was selling packing peanuts when someone asked if I could take pictures of them. Thinking it was a joke, I fancied them by asking for pictures of what they were looking for. And boy did they send pictures! Collecting out-of-production peanuts was their hobby.

Man thirsts for a creative outlet. Kudos to those who have touched their artistic side; for others, it is treated like a waste product of rational thought. As awesome as a supernova looks, as rare as a noctilucent cloud casting a rainbow over the moon, it will go unnoticed without a sentient observer. We understand beauty is more than just a primal attraction.

We understand beauty is more than just a primal attraction.
Turning a hobby into a moneymaker is an admirable step. Nobody really wants to hear it is a hobby; that implies it's whimsical, which makes your goods questionable. Undercharging ruins it for sellers whose livelihoods depend on selling their goods for a fair price. If your time is worthless then give your stuff to friends and family instead.

A famous athletic trainer said that the most important factor for long-term success is the ability to train without interruption. Having access to facilities, equipment, and trainers is critical but remaining injury-free is the key. In the end, nothing mattered without the motivation to continue training. Whatever the chosen profession, hobby, or endeavor, don't just do it good enough. Stick to it and do it like there's no tomorrow. Use your hobby to bring goodness into the world.

Posted by M: October 8, 2019

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