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Changes Ahead
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In the pre-internet days it was more challenging to live in the boonies. Now, everyone can order just about anything with a mouse click and have it show up a day later. That is a huge relief as buying supplies through mail order catalogs, phone calls, and sending physical payments is burdensome.

No matter the outcome for this house (closing is about a month away), moving will be happening soon. The nearest USA city over 7,000 people is a long ways away from where I'll be going. I've never lived in a city that small or as isolated.

I'll miss is the convenience of having "everything" within a 30 minute drive. There'll be no more running to the store to get this and that. Thankfully a major all-in-one store is nearby and it's a self-sufficient area.

There's no way to prepare for this.
The local craftsmen I've worked with for decades will no longer be a quick trip away. These relationships are not developed overnight. A friend reminded me that they could send parts in the mail.

Yes, if all I want is a part but these conversations happen over sometimes weeks or months with lots of show-and-tell and brainstorming. Instead of the "friend" hourly rate (saved hundreds on the rivet making tool), I'll get smacked with full price!

I've never had an overwhelming need for social contact so the low population is one of those things that may or may not be an issue. A wicked Saturday night might be a play-off or hoe-down at the local bandstand.

What is my consolation? Well, there are a few nevers that I hope come to be: paying rent; upsetting neighbors because I'm working late; dealing with slumlords; investing sweat equity that doesn't benefit me.

Any huge life change - a kid, house, or job - will require adjustments beforehand and adapting to the schlew of unforeseen circumstances coming afterwards. They're coming no matter what so hold on tight. We're not in Kansas anymore.

Posted by M: July 7, 2021

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