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With ambivalence, I applied at a local artist co-op thing. If accepted I'd have to display thousands of dollars of easily stolen and highly desirable jewelry that anyone could handle. No locks, cabinets, or other physical security and only one person on duty. They offer no insurance or guarantees so it's 100% the artist's risk.

The jury forms accompanied my returned items though they were not meant for my eyes. Surprise surprise! Each piece was rated from one to five by the seven jurors. They commented as well. Boy did they. The comments, however, were not about workmanship or quality.

One said a cuff bracelet was too large. Another asked how they were supposed to wear a chainmail ring and again, the sizing. Even the most clueless must realize jewelry can be sized. Another wondered how they were supposed to wear earrings...for real? One said they had never seen chains like mine. Congrats to me, I was rated ones and twos for all that.

At least one juror didn't read my application and based their misinformed judgments accordingly.
Pricing was mentioned several times and how "inconsistent(?)" it was. Whether for the store or among my own pieces, I'm unsure. Was a $10 stacker ring or a $300 chain link bracelet offensive?! I have a spreadsheet with hundreds of fields that tally frivolous expendables like sandpaper, distilled water, and soap to biggies like materials, labor, and depreciation. The prices are painstakingly precise.

At least one juror didn't read my application and based their misinformed judgments accordingly; I doubt the majority did more than a cursory perusal. Did anyone look at my website like the application said they would? No and no and my traffic numbers said NO. That's inconsiderate and insulting.

The judges were dishonest-by-proxy because they didn't honor what the application said they would do resulting in unfair and biased ratings. How is it that one person could give me a one and another a five for the same item? The jurors were split like this across the board, no consistency whatsoever. Did they know what or how they were supposed to judge? Again, all signs pointed to "No!"

Their whimsical feelings - jealousy, protecting their own interests, I can only guess - and "my private Idaho" mentality were inappropriate. Jokers and wannabes, yes; professionals, certainly NOT. Don't penalize me because of a vendetta against chains or handmade precious metal jewelry. Others artists that are familiar with the store echoed my sentiments. One would never suspect it given how tidy and semi-upscale it looks.

Their decision was forthcoming. It could have gone either way but I simplified it by withdrawing my application and canceling my membership fee. It's best to avoid amateurish establishments. Besides, their profit would have been bigger than mine after expenses! No amount of exposure or advertising is worth what they "offered."

Posted by M: August 4, 2022

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