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Storm the Capitol!
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Patriots did not storm the capitol building. Terrorists did. Had that been an angry mob of black people they would have nuked the place instead of taking selfies with the seditious protesters.

There is a simple solution that will also sew discontent among the jerks who participated. The best thing is that it would use their self-preservation tendencies as a weapon. The group would self-destruct from the inside out.

Arrest a serious offender/influencer as a domestic terrorist. They would rot in a military jail without a trial, sunshine, or visitors while engaging in unpaid, hard labor. Now that a precedent has been set, people will understand the seriousness.

One demographic nearly described all: white, angry, mid-life-ish men who can't think for themselves.
There are several carrots. They will be allowed to confess their crimes until a certain date. Those arrested could reduce their sentence by one year for every unique conspirator they identify, for a maximum of 50% of their sentence. No matter the crime or bonuses, the would spend at least five years behind bars.

Their property and possessions will pay for reparations. Once their sentence is finished, they will have to re-apply for USA citizenship. They're lucky they aren't banned permanently and parachuted into North Korea or Iran bearing a bunch of spy-like material and anti-regime propaganda.

One demographic nearly described all: white, angry, mid-life-ish men who can't think for themselves. Myriad additional people blindly embrace a warped rhetoric at the expense of the country they claim to protect.

Will the privilege of being white be on display during the trials? Pansy-ass treatment of this situation is a not good idea. It probably won't make people think twice about their unwavering support for an obese turtle...but you have to start somewhere.

Posted by M: January 14, 2020

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