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Spoon Rings and Utensil Jewelry
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My preference is sterling silver. Utensil jewelry and trinkets made from it can be found here.

Utensil jewelry does not meet the legal definition of handmade unless the utensil itself was handmade AND everything the person does to it is done by hand. I have never seen handmade utensil jewelry. It's an illegal claim. Items are accurately described as follows: utensils or parts thereof are cut, shaped, and forged into various items.

They're not always spoons. Forks, picks, knives, butter paddles, and sugar tongs are fair game. They often make more than rings: bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc.

Forks, picks, knives, butter paddles, and sugar tongs are fair game.
There are simple rattail designs, crazy rich details, and super-ornate cast features. Thin, thick, wide, narrow, and some with enough weight to disrupt your center of gravity, there are styles for everyone. Monograms, engravings, names, anything that personalizes or commemorates, manufacturer/retailer stamps, import marks, and up to 140 years of battle scars come along for the ride.

The new owner will appreciate an old piece of history upcycled into timeless jewelry. Sterling silver designs include a pedigree describing the pattern name and other metrics. Jewelry deserves nothing less.

The process is merciless. After an unsavory meeting with large bolt cutters, the handle is severed. A quick trip to the sander smooths the end before it's annealed. It gets flattened and shaped into a ring. After a few hours in the tumbler, some photos, and a write-up, it's ready for sale.

There are several ways to deal with the end. Artsy designs may have shaped tips or a pattern cut into it. Some tuck it under the handle. Mine usually run alongside the edge so it doesn't add any height. The rings have an inviting fit different than regular rings. Smooth to flesh and kind to fabric, adjustable bands ensure nearly every ring will be the proper size.

If there is a pattern you want, multiples, wholesale, bulk, or something else then email me for more information.

Posted by M: September 11, 2019

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