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Branding is cool. For that matter, all mechanical surface alterations are cool. I'm not talking about printing but actual manipulation of the surface through engraving, burning, stamping, embossing, etching, etc.

Nearly every business has a logo or letterhead so having the means to render it in multiple formats helps establish your market presence. For jewelers, it is crucial to have a registered design to hallmark their pieces.

I have four brands to burn and/or brand my logo onto a wooden box. The tallest is 3" and the smallest, 1/2". They were waterjetted out of 3/8" steel. For those who are unfamiliar with the technology, waterjetting shoots a thin stream of water at ridiculously high pressures, often with a powdered abrasive mixed in.

Being steel, they must be kept oiled. Rust is bad since it will stain the box. Now that I think of it, having an actual rusted letter or ghosting/dusting thereof could produce a stunning effect....

They were waterjetted out of 3/8" steel.
The branding irons are durable enough to be used for other stamping purposes or stenciling needs. I was hoping they would work for reverse branding where you lay the stencil on top of the box and burn around it.

After many attempts, the height of the stamp prevents the flame from getting into the deep recesses and corners, leaving a sloppy image. So I called the machine shop ordered a set in 1/8" thick steel which handily solved the problem.

My goal is to use the most generic things possible (plain cards, plain boxes) and then emblazon them as needed, where needed. It's all about keeping the processes in-shop so that once the raw materials are acquired, everything can be finished here.

Posted by M: January 19, 2021

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