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Not Enough Space
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Jewelry is worn in the goldilocks zone which is roughly between the waist and head. It is best shown in that zone. With some creativity the other zones can be used but don't make people kneel or crawl to see it unless it's free or for children.

Filling up a 10ft x 10ft booth can be challenging whether from too little or too much inventory. Growing pains are inconvenient but they keep it real. Blessed are those who can show it all! Others have to pick and choose what gets shown.

Version two of my earring display was a dramatic improvement. It's now a feng shui hiccup hogging the corner junction of two tables. There is space for one person to check it out. Nothing else can go in front because it forces two people into a cramped space.

The new displays would have to be easy to set up and transport without removing product (hanging hundreds of pairs is slow!), secure, and identify as aesthetically pleasing. Commercial displays weren't going to work.

I made breakdownable four-sided rotating racks (the tradeoff is taking up 6x more space for transport and they're much heavier). The earring count was more than tripled for the same footprint. Two displays allow room for two people at each tower. Categorized to help find treasures promptly, browsing is also easier, almost enjoyable.

Designing and manufacturing them putzed along. The longer it took the further they seemed from completion. Going beyond a college effort was the only way to justify all the time spent on this Groundhog Day loop.

Not rocket science, lots of sellers have something similar.
As for other displays, regular bracelets use two-tier cheapos. They look OK but are too rickety to inspire confidence. Necklace stands have their own problems. Meh. All could vastly improve on items per square foot while enhancing their presentation. They will be tricked out with a fresh perspective.

Far too few of my chain bracelets and necklaces reside in three flip-top glass display cases consuming an entire table. They rarely get handled so they are an ambient feature more than anything. The cases lay flat so repositioning and/or multi-purposing them will create coveted counter space.

It doesn't include rings, pendants and charms, utensil jewelry, and more. Then there's the metal origami, metal roses, Gyrogami ornaments, and countless other metallic goodies.

Various ornaments could hang from the "ceiling" and stack/arrange in layers. Sculptures could be stationed anywhere. Other things, here and there. My current layout would be overwhelmed with that much stuff. Small changes like this earring display will do wonders for tastefully displaying more products.

Whatever the display, it will be sufficient...until it isn't. The next version for any given display begins to take shape the moment a new one gets created. Avoiding the "I should haves" is priority numero uno. That's why I know this earring display is a winner for at least a while, though I'm already thinking of the next version.

Posted by M: January 27, 2024

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