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Some Are Dreamers; Others, Weavers
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New chain weaves come out weekly, some more weakly than others. Add a ring here, twist a ring the other direction there, and bingo. There is some fame or satisfaction from discovering one. Barring the comeback of medieval times, most chainmaille is for jewelry or fashion accessories.

As cool as it might be to devise a new weave, it ain't for me. Many people are actively pursuing new weaves and they are doing just fine so there are many to pick from. Perhaps I will accidentally discover a weave but it's not on my bucket list. I am a dreamer in that sense.

Perhaps I will accidentally discover a weave but it's not on my bucket list.
Instead, I bring cool weaves to perfection in precious metals. Being able to duplicate a weave comes first whether aided by a tutorial or through brute force. Even when a weave is to-die-for, some are too tight or close-knit to get a flame/torch on the link without disturbing or melting the others (at least flame fusion welding, that is, but soldering or brazing are more forgiving). I'm a glorified assembler!

Loop-in-loop chains have infinite possibilities. Basic weaves can be done in unique and extraordinary ways. Chain link designs add another element. Collectively they would keep someone busy indefinitely.

Chainmaille isn't taken seriously by the public. It's understandable since most maille is low-quality. There is excellence sprinkled about, however.

Posted by M: March 31, 2020

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