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It's been long overdue and they now have their own webpage.

The basic earwire and its mini counterpart have been valiant warriors holding down the fort. It's time to expand the offerings. The first new design is a basic locking version kidney-style. They are a necessity in some people's eyes. The second is a flowing French hook style. And for a more fashionable approach, a shepherd's hook with a coil above the bail loop.

Not all earwires "work" for all earrings as they should flow seamlessly with the design. At least with the four I currently have, the basics are covered. Post-style mounts have proven challenging and are the next hot topic.

I'm still limited to what can be made by hand using 0.999 silver so there will be no leverbacks or things with moving parts. Perhaps some ornamental designs, but nothing super-fancy. They are all made in the USA by me, are eco-friendly and socially responsible, and exclusively use recycled and reclaimed metals that I fully refine and process myself.

I make jigs to manufacture them precisely. It involves measurements, plastic block, drill bits, a drill press, and various dowels. Make that a lot of plastic blocks as they are only good for one design; as such, the pile of scrapped blocks keeps growing. Every design has its own jig. Numerous companies make multi-jigs but they are far too limiting as innovative and useful as they are.

Also, its anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties ensure everyone can wear them.
The primary metal is 0.999 fine silver (though I can make them in any silver or gold alloy without delay). I use specially hardened spring temper wire which is nearly as robust as 1/4 hard sterling silver. Barring abuse, they are made for a lifetime. They are less prone to tarnishing than sterling silver, copper, or brass. Pure silver is the shiniest metal. Also, its anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties ensure everyone can wear them.

From a legal standpoint, the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 16, Chapter I, Subchapter B, Part 23, Section 23.3 and supporting documentation clearly state the LAW about "handmade" jewelry. Everything must be made from wire, sheet, ingots, casting grain, or precious metal clay using manually controlled methods, i.e. no automated processes. That means no pre-bought findings, jump rings, blanks, frill, or anything already formed into a part unless that part was handmade. Most sellers (99%+) outright lie about it. It is a felony to defraud customers in this manner so ask lots of questions to avoid being scammed!

My next big project will be finalizing the numerous handmade clasp designs that have been languishing in the prototype stage. They are much more difficult than earwires. With the Aurum Elegantia collection, a simple hook-and-eye or toggle works but solid gold chains scream for more. It's gonna take a bit more than bending some wire in a jig!

Posted by M: April 10, 2020

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