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Your Privacy Is Yours
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"Holy excessive titles, Batman!"

"Yes, Robin, but privacy is a huge deal that affects every area of our lives, especially in the way-too-nosy digital age!!"

I have recently adopted a legitimate privacy policy. The full text is posted here.

As for the other websites you visit, your data is whored out by the big social media and search engines. Fuckbook will make $38 BILLION in the USA alone in 2021 ad revenue mostly due to "selling" YOUR information. Social media sites are privacy rapists.

Google products are the biggest data-grabbers out there. Android is here to stay so this is one time Apple may be the shining example but there's too much money involved to trust their policies.

The Onion Router is a thing of beauty. Spread as much false information about you and create fake accounts for everything, only using real ones when necessary. Disinformation is the best weapon.

Credit cards enrich the corrupt banking and financial systems at the expense of hard-working folks. And it gets tracked. Electronic funds can be wiped with the click of a mouse. Cash can be devalued overnight but it is untraceable. Barter is the truest, safest transaction and will always work.

Some entities want you to feel like anonymity and protecting your privacy are for criminals. Everyone should have the option to disappear from every organization, company, and database. You may not care...until it infringes on your rights. And it will, rest assured, since it will grow unbounded and unchecked.

Nothing to hide? This is a common statement/blame/accusation from either Gestapo-ish figures who want to control you or mindless fools who have already drunk the koolaid. They feel that if you have nothing to hide then your life should be an open book, that you should comply. After all, you have nothing to hide, right, so this shouldn't concern you?

I say the opposite. Because I have nothing to hide, that means no one has any reason, right, privilege, obligation, expectation, or permission to know anything about me.

Every internet search, physical location, and purchase is recorded, algorithmitized, and sold to the highest bidder. Ditto for phone calls, electronic correspondences, every movement is tracked and documented. And we willingly subscribe to such treatment.

Therein lies the problem with ignorance and complacency. The more complacent people become the easier it is to manipulate (and punish) those who go against the norm, i.e. the vocal ones. Less people speaking up makes it easier to "straighten out" dissenters. China has proven it.

All the while collecting every tidbit of information because every piece has value and will be sold. It's money you will NEVER see. If you don't own and control your personal information you have no power. You are paying for the "privilege" of having these companies mine your personal information.

Information is being weaponized before our eyes and we are eating it up like hotcakes. Then again we are too stupid as a race to see the impending doom of global environmental catastrophe happening right before our eyes so why would anything lesser warrant a second look?!

The Patriot Act used a tragedy to enact the most invasive surveillance on supposedly free citizens. Elected officials who voted for it and bullied the courageous few who said otherwise are the real evildoers. How did 19 dirt-poor people with razor cutters accomplish in a few minutes what tens of millions of enemies with advanced weaponry and hundreds of billions of dollars couldn't do for centuries?


Finally some relief. California Consumer Privacy Act gives Californians the ability to opt out and delete their data (as if). Why can't they make a "Yes, I'd like to bombarded with robocalls, spam, and pointless texts as much as possible and have my personal information sold to any company" opt-in button instead?

The Patriot Act used a tragedy to enact the most invasive surveillance on supposedly free citizens.
How many websites inform you of their cookie policy, saying they value your privacy, even though the cookie policy specifically states they share and sell your information? Of course they value your's the only way they make money from selling it! It's all a matter of perspective. Like this statement: "Please note that some processing of your personal data may not require your consent, but you have a right to object to such processing." Object? Nowhere did it say they would not use it as they please, only that you can object?!

No one can logically or rationally remain oblivious to this problem. Still, something this important will likely have little effect on the masses. Be blind about the information these big tech companies have and know about you but it's scary!

Siri and alexa are recording EVERYTHING they hear just as every camera records what it sees. You have invited Big Brother into your house willingly, which makes it more difficult for those who wish to opt out of or object to such intrusions.

Think you're safe in your car? Guess again as these may very well be the most intrusive, privacy-snuffing machines to date. This is just one example showing how widespread the problem is and continues to grow with more equipment "connected" to a master data mining operation.

HIPAA? What a joke! Companies have been shown to be not only leaking, but selling your private health information to big advertising and other corporations that you give them online while you look for doctors, search for meds, etc. What is suppoosed to be protected by law...well, they blatantly say "Fuck you and fuck the law. It's money for us!" See for yourself here. Frankly, you're foolish to even provide a real name to any of these websites. I can't say you deserve what you get but this breach of confidentiality is deplorable and not isolated.

And elsewhere, or make that everywhere, what should have been plainly obvious shows how obviously plain the information and intelligence gathering is.

IMHO, a company should pay $100,000 to every person whose data is breached, hacked, exposed, sold, shared, or otherwise stolen no matter how little or small it may be and an equal fine to some non-profit charity. If that means reverting to paper and pen then so be it. Companies walk away scott-free as if they have NO responsibility in the matter. Well, $200,000 per person would make them think twice. And ten times that for a cover-up.

Posted by M: January 30, 2019

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