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Solid Gold Chain, V3
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Only a small percentage of chainmaille patterns are suitable for precious metal jewelry. Sure, any chain can be manufactured to such standards but does it capture the necessary je ne sais quoi? It must engage the imagination more than a bunch of rings linked together. Mundane or ordinary doesn't cut it.

Few weaves have appeal like the Jens Pind Linkage family. JPL5 is my most popular weave so I'll go even smaller. Micromaille essentially with 0.75mm wire and 9/64" inner diameter rings, it is an exquisite piece.

Compared to a previous JPL5, it looks like a different chain. Its complex nature becomes apparent the smaller it gets. This size requires a magnifying glass and loupe to ensure the closures are spot on before welding.

It must engage the imagination more than a bunch of rings linked together.
This is item three in what I comically call the IYHTAITE Collection (If You Have To Ask It's Too Expensive). They're quite reasonable given the quality and handmade nature. The proper name of the line, Aurum Elegantia, loosely means "the elegance only gold allows" in Latin.

Often we hear the expression, "You have to see it to believe it!". It has become a cliché for the most part. Unless it's true. Take a look for yourself.

There aren't any bragging rights even if it's unique piece. Maybe it's more unusual than a European 4-in-1 which has been done every which way but Tuesday. In gold it has to be extreme in at least a few categories.

One or two qualifiers should describe an item enough before it loses appeal. There are few solid gold Jens Pind Linkages anything according to a recent internet search. Until two better phrase come to mind, I'll call this (series) a museum specimen.

Posted by M: January 18, 2020

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