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Call a Medic!
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Categories: Humor and sarcasm; Experiences and daily life; Human nature

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Injuries accompany tools. It would seem easy to get injured working on buses and heavy machinery as even a dropped bolt from a foot high can lead to a nasty bruise. It's always amusing when no one gets hurt and even more amusing reminiscing on what could've happened.

It is good practice to have a bucket of water handy if flames are involved. An appropriate fire extinguisher should be in the immediate vicinity. A bucket of sand, a fire blanket, emergency protocol posted nearby. Eye washes, first aid kits, ear plugs, ventilation. What does your work area need?

The blade broke on the power stroke and bored into my flesh like a hypodermic missile.
One rule of thumb is to always wear safety glasses when working with things, especially when using power tools, hammers, or anything that moves faster than the hand. Even with such protection, don't expect it to be respected. While working on a wire wheel with glasses, a piece of wire embedded itself a few millimeters below my eyeball. A co-worker had a similar experience but was also wearing a full-face safety shield.

Just recently I got skewered by a saw blade. Not a nine foot double-person saw but a demure jeweler's saw. The blade broke on the power stroke and bored into my flesh like a hypodermic missile. So many teeth on those might take a magnifying glass to see 70TPI but I felt every tooth as it withdrew from my shish kabobbed finger. OUCH!

Ever had a cardboard cut? Or a dry cornstalk leaf slicing into muscle without any pain? Or what seems so silly as to defy explanation: jumping rope barefoot only to have the rope snag a toe, ripping off the toenail completely? Any scenario equally as unlikely is bound to happen somewhere, sometime.

The unexpected is a constant menace. Safety gear protects but it presents hazards of its own. A helmet changes the how muscles work in addition to creating a bigger target. The extra weight can be troublesome. Safety boots with steel toes are great but how quickly can they be unlaced in an emergency, like spilling boiling oil on them?

Life is about risks: reduce when reasonable, avoid when possible, learn when all else fails.

Posted by M: March 28, 2016

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