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Be a Better Liar
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Categories: Humor and sarcasm; Human nature; Ethics and laws

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We lie for many reasons. We lie to protect someone's feelings. We lie to protect our reality. We lie to avoid punishment, shame, or humility. We lie to protect someone else. We lie for gain (financial, social status, possessions, etc.). We lie because we don't want to get caught doing something wrong. We lie to cover-up or destroy the evidence that caused the whole mess.

Forensic science, a bit of sleuthing, and common sense are often enough to catch the majority of the mistruths. I don't condone lying but have always said to keep a lie handy for any situation, not to avoid taking responsibility but to provide an opportunity to correct the misdeed.

For instance, don't try to pass off a four-hour old pizza as fresh by sprinkling some cheese on it and reheating. What's a good excuse? Well, "I'm SOOO sorry, sir. My employee mistakenly grabbed the wrong one. Let me make you two pizzas with extra toppings for the inconvenience and deliver them for free." The truth will remain a secret except by divine intervention.

Own up to it and look in the mirror to find the guilty party.
When historical fact precludes the existence of an item, do some research before going on the attack and sounding more foolish. When a manufacturer never made something, don't try to sell it. They know what they're talking about when they describe the physical attributes - follow their lead.

Trolling through online selling venues, it is inevitable to stumble across many fraudsters. Some prey on the ignorant. Others, because their mom said it was XYZ it is gospel. When the most basic descriptors are easily disproved, shut your piehole.

Which brings me to the reason for this article. If someone claims an item weighs more than a pound and the shipping label says the entire package weighs less than a pound, their ruse has "epic fail" written all over it. It is electronically documented...there's no denying it.

It's not the post office's fault, the scale's fault, the on-line venue's fault, or the buyer's fault. Own up to it and look in the mirror to find the guilty party. Better yet, don't do this at all because it is a felony. Your day is gonna get a whole lot worse than negative feedback if someone pursues the matter.

We are surrounded by fake news. Politicians have been deceiving people since day one and we have become so accustomed to fallacies that we expect it. Reality, truth, and values are falling by the wayside.

Posted by M: August 8, 2018

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