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Are You Qualified?
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It would seem a simple question though the answer may be anything but logical or truthful. What do you expect someone will say? The average person would rarely downplay their skillset or qualifications. Lying is common practice in interviews and CSVs as much as internet dating to inflate perceived self-worth or value.

People should prove their competency before they engage in any behavior: driver's license, firearms, mechanized equipment, boating, and so forth. Or having children and pets. Especially children.

Merchants should prove they can accurately, truthfully, and thoroughly describe an item with appropriate pictures. Include a section that tests their knowledge of the laws that apply to selling and marketing their products. Online marketplaces would abhor the loss of income as their business models are heavily dependent on fraud, incompetent sellers, and oblivious buyers.

The internet allows everyone to do infinite research on anything yet so many supposed """intelligent""" adults are effing clueless! Even when they are specifically told where to find the information, most are too arrogant and ignorant to accept that their mother might have been wrong. That they might be wrong. So they find the echo chamber that supports their beliefs.

The best application of an "Are you qualified?" test besides shutting up mindless trolls and misguided influencers would be for politicians. Before casting a vote they are tested on the contents of the bill, law, or whatever. If it's 300 pages then they best set aside a few days to read it because if they don't get a passing grade they can't vote on it. Seems fair as most do not read a lick of any law they vote on, relying instead on who gave the most money to their campaign. (Similarly, voters should take a test!)

Their failing or passing grade is archived. If they do not pass at least 90% of all the tests - they must take every test or it is considered a fail - they are automatically kicked out of office without a retirement plan, benefits, or pension. Plus, they can never hold another elected, public, government, federal, or any similar job.

Being responsible and qualified are not job requirements in politics!
Sadly, trying to bring sanity to a horrendously failed "democracy" like ours will never happen. Politicians would NOT support something that threatens their power and control regardless of the ethical and moral benefits. They plan their life around corruption, cronyism, campaign contributions, and re-elections instead of serving the people. Never will they believe their kind should be accountable for their actions or non-actions. Being responsible and qualified are not job requirements in politics!

Should free speech be a privilege to prevent ignoramuses from mouthing off? Fake news anyone? The world is too small, too connected to allow every fool to have their say. Slippery slope, I get it, but pass the test first. Flat-earthers, climate change or science deniers, equal rights opponents, religious zealots...if their tongues were severed and fingers chopped off would microphones and keyboards be spared from their vile ignorance?

The rational mind is a gift but in the hands of idiots it becomes the worst weapon the world has known. But the sovereignty of fools will never be trampled because it's a number game; the enlightened are losing fast as stupidity is highly contagious and pervasive.

Posted by M: June 2, 2022

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