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Hardhat? For Real!?
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Categories: Humor and sarcasm; Experiences and daily life

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Safety goggles are a good idea when working with anything that can move faster than the speed of nothing. You don't have to walk around with them 24/7 but using tools, dealing with electricity, fire, unfriendly liquids, playing sports, and whatnot are good reasons.

Football and tennis use different equipment but their respective uniforms are designed to perform a specific job. Sometimes it is out of necessity, i.e. to protect or prevent injury; other times, it's fashionable. A blacksmith won't look like a Wall Street executive but they both get their jobs done with appopriate attire.

Everyone knows that the heavier an object is, the faster it falls.
When there is a potential for falling objects then hardhats are mandatory. When there is a possibility of bumping into heavy equipment or the like, grab a hardhat. Sitting at a workstation indoors, it's unlikely that a wall will jump in front of you but heed the words of Chicken Little.

Hammering away on a silver ingot to prepare it for the square rollers, it slipped out of the clamping pliers and went into low orbit, ass over tea kettle like the Tardis out of control.

Everyone knows that the heavier an object is, the faster it falls. Silver is particularly dense so it's really gonna accelerate. This silver locomotive was spinning fast and had sharp 90deg edges all around. Silver may be soft, relatively speaking, but it is still metal.

I didn't want to look up because a knock on the face would be worst of all. Without knowing where re-entry was, moving could make any impact worse.

Wait for it, wait for it. They say life-or-death situations make time slow down. This was neither of those but it took forever already. Let's get this over and go on. Ouch! Right on the crown of the head; one of the corners broke skin and drew blood.

Safety glasses helped when forging this ingot. Ear muffs, too. Pliers kept my hands away from the strike zone and stabilized the ingot. Gloves always can be used. Positive ventilation kept the air moving. A bump cap, the little brother of a hardhat, would have stopped that ingot. Now exactly who does someone with a face mask, dark glasses, ear muffs, gloves, and baseball cap armed with a mini-flamethrower and hammer look like?

Posted by M: May 30, 2019

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