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Does Handmade Matter?
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FYI WARNING: Most people who claim to have handmade jewelry defined under Code of Federal Regulations, Title 16, Chapter I, Subchapter B, Part 23, Section 23.3 are lying.

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Handmade does matter, especially to the sellers who illegally use the word to make their products more appealing. To those who do it right, handmade carries prestige. Crafted from raw materials, it expresses the artist's style, their insatiable lust for perfection, and exhibits something remarkable using manual construction methods.

Machines generally make the best chains, findings, clasps, and whatnot. Humans excel because we can improvise and eventually get it done. Disregarding the junk, there are some impressive artists and pieces. Machine- or man-made, it's neither a scarlet letter nor a badge of honor.

How liberating it must be to have no ethical constraints!
"Organic" has been defined for food as concisely as "handmade" has for jewelry. Pesticide-laced, GMO-laden, preservative-stuffed, additive-drowned, chemically flavored and colored food products can't be called organic. Likewise, an MDF kit from IKEA can't be called custom, solid wood, locally sourced, or handmade. Commercial findings are inexpensive and take seconds to install but using those means the item is not handmade.

In reality, the law is completely ignored. How liberating it must be to have no ethical constraints! Failing being a responsible, intelligent, and lawful seller, at the very least common sense should say, "Wait. I didn't make any of these parts by hand."

So much for handmade being handmade! At best it's a lucky coincidence with little significance or relevance in the grand picture. As long as it looks good at a fair price, does anyone care if they're being blatantly conned? With the value placed on money and possessions, anyone would be upset.

The lawyer at the USA government that handles this regulation was stunned into silence after a cyber tour of the industry. Not one of the hundreds of "handmade" listings we looked at was handmade.

Federal law allows anyone to sue these liars for damages...maybe I could make a living like this? Being found legally culpable and paying damages in excess of their profits would "encourage" responsible behavior. Until then, it's the Wild West.

Some may think handmade is an automatic quality boost, that they won't be judged too harshly. The opposite is true: You have to exceed every expectation because seeking protection behind the label is what posers do. Custom, museum-quality...these principles epitomize and embody handmade so make it look that way.

Handmade thrives here and that's how I've always done things.

Posted by M: December 6, 2019

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