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Riveted Cuff Bracelets
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I've been making these cuffs for a while. They flew under the radar without any "real" exposure. The two-band versions can be found here and the three-band versions will be coming soon. Bangle versions are in the works, too.

They consist of two or three bands which have been crossed over each other and riveted together at their ends. (Four or more bands can be used but things don't look pretty.) The rivet head remains exposed on the outside as a design element. On the backside it is hammered flat and mildly visible. I designed a precision rivet making tool for them that was uber-expensive to manufacture but necessary for consistency.

If the rivet is too unsightly for your tastes it could be welded and smoothed for an upcharge. The bracelet would then be work-hardened somewhat afterwards but the riveted ones are stronger because they are fully forged start to finish.

Standard textures and finishes are the plain/polished, brushed, hammered, dimpled, cratered, chiseled, engraved, and fold-formed. Brushed/matte is very subtle. Geometric patterning is possible though it will be applied freehand. Bands can be mixed and matched, even two textures on one band.

That's 196 texture variations for a trio and 28 for the duo.
Three bands can be arranged four different ways depending on which ones are on the outside. Two bands go only one way. That's 196 texture variations for a trio and 28 for the duo. That'd be more than 1,000 combinations when size is added. Stacking order would nearly triple the number yet again! I will not be making samples of each, thank you very much.

The band dimensions are up to 3/8" wide and up to 1mm thick. Finished cuffs are elliptical to more closely match the wrist profile. They can be bent and shaped to improve the fit or function once in place. There are five sizes (XS to XL) but custom anything is only an email away.

Perfect for personalizing, include a stamping on the inside or outside. Commemorate a date, name, place, or saying from these fonts and symbols. If you want a different stamp or symbol, new ideas are always welcome.

There is something for every bracelet lover whether a banded cuff, a delicate welded chain link masterpiece, or a Mobius bangle.

Posted by M: June 17, 2020

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