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Ethics, Please!
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A bunch of comments on a recent forum posting prompted this article. It highlights the lack of scruples within the jewelry and related industries. This is about jewelry and anything that mimics it including chainmail, chain link, metal and leather, etc.

Not knowing what you are selling or how to legally sell it is a bad start. All of the information about virtually any product is readily available on-line. We teach five-year-olds about internet searches so there is no excuse for adults.

Assuming their scam is "unintentional," laziness often prevails so a pile of rusty nails is like the Ark of the Covenant. It isn't an honest mistake by any means. It's negligence. They are all around us and no population group or profession is immune.

Buying luxury items requires one to be more mindful of the consequences.
There's no need argue about something when the manufacturer states the facts. When they say they never made an item, accept it as truth. When math or physics can handily disprove a claim, wise people don't argue. There is no grey area, no debate, no wiggle room. And nothing personal.

When it is marked as "silverplated" then it is not sterling silver. The number who then say they ""tested it to be sterling silver"" is comical. And they tested it with an ice cube, they say?!

You'd think that perfection and honesty are the norm in some industries based on what everyone says about their products. Take the law regarding handmade jewelry and you'll see it is ignored except by accident or coincidence.

Once you hear, "I believe..." you can be certain that whatever follows is false. People make that statement to absolve themselves of any culpability in the matter. Even if they're wrong, they aren't because of their disclaimer.

When it comes down to it there is no reason to be truthful because there are no consequences at the level that most sellers operate. Not to continue to repeat this fact but chainmaillers in general have no ethics, integrity, (or skill or talent, but that's for another blog), and constantly lie about their products, manufacturing, and everything else. Should we fault them? After all, that is the default in today's society of fake news and everyone-get-ahead at all costs. Unfortunately they believe their lies and when called out they (verbally) violently lash out. I'm ashamed to be associated with the industry in any capacity, even writing about it.

Buying luxury items requires one to be more mindful of the consequences. The jewelry industry still has problems with blood diamonds and electronics with conflict minerals. Despite all sorts of international agreements, suffering and destruction continue. There's no getting around trusting your source.

Posted by M: September 13, 2017

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