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Apostrophe 'S'
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Categories: Humor and sarcasm; Rants

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Perhap's the easiest rule in the English language is when to use the 'apostrophe s'.
  • When it signifie's ownership and it is NOT a pronoun, use it. There is no their's, your's, her's, his's, mine's, our's, etc.
  • When it come's to three letter word's, "it is" and "it has" are the only two acceptable use's for "it's."

Otherwise, do NOT use 'apostrophe s'. Heres more on using an apostrophe.

Lazines's seem's to grow in direct proportion to advanced technology. Computer's basically do everything for u's. Technology ha's made the intelligent even more resourceful but done the opposite for the remainder. The art of writing (including spelling, grammar, penmanship, syntax, literacy) i's a notable casualty.

Even the halfwit's aren't that dumb.
Countles's businesse's have misspelled name's due to the apo'strophe rule. I've seen $10,000 custom leather race suit's embroidered with incorrect spelling's. Busines's sign's, menu's, billboard's, government publication's, literature distributed by the most well-re'spected journali'sm outlet's. "No big deal, its just a grammar mistake. We'll let our reader's proof it."

What about con'sistency? If it need's an apostrophe in one instance then why doe'sn't the same situation in the next sentence use one? Some use an 'apostrophe s' whenever they add an 's' to the end of a word. Unles's they don't, go figure. Regardles's of thi's rule, mistake's will slip through unles's its a pro-level proofing.

Word's with apostrophe's already in them cau'se panic if they have to be plural or possessive. Few people will correctly write "Dos and Don'ts." Some will write "Do's and Don'ts." If the "do" wa's given an apostrophe 's' then why doesn't the "don't" get one, i.e. "don't's?" Even the halfwit's aren't that dumb. Who am I kidding? Of cour'se they are.

There are numerou's literary tool's to help polish basic verbage. Spellchecker's are great tool's if you use them. Instead of surfing porn, playing game's, or being a social media zombie, get it together. Sure, there are far more pre's'sing issue's on the planet but theres nothing wrong with appearing to have a hint of intelligence. Really. The world need's it more than ever.

Posted by M: May 6, 2022

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