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Four Days of Work
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It took three 530-mile round trips with a 26ft truck over four days, thanks for asking. I think I've climbed 2500ft and walked 12 miles...all inside my house. Unloading the truck was just the beginning.

Essentially, I have done the equivalent of moving again. By the time I'm done organizing, at least three moves' worth of moving. Ugh! That's a lot of extra moving stuff in, out, around just to make space to move other stuff only to interfere with the next thing.

Other than bringing households upstairs - the first floor is extra tall so four more steps than normal - the appearance inside the garages is virtually indistinguishable from day one. Things aren't even in the correct garage, all things aren't even in the house yet with a pile in the back yard covered in tarps!

What few neighbors I have and people that drive or bike by must be thinking, "How many times is he gonna move that XYZ out and back inside the garage?" A shelving unit is on lap six and it's only been together two days, but it's a far cry from the old timers' jaunts!

There is order coming to this hoarder.
Until shelving officially goes up, which will have to be moved when the floor epoxy arrives, there's little walking room. It would have been interesting to shoot time-lapse photos just so I had proof that I did nothing and everything! There is order coming to this hoarder.

Carless in the boonies isn't the worst thing. Nearly breaking my foot the last second of the move, after everything was unloaded and truck swept out doesn't make for a comfortable bicycle ride. That's my transportation until I get a new car. The housing market was the worst in forever for buyers and the car market is more than the worst in forever.

The internet was another surprise and we were lucky to even get it ten days later. Phone reception is poor on a good day so any internet access through it is a gift. Isolation.

At two weeks post-move, the pile in the back yard is smaller, things are almost in the proper garage, shelving is mostly up (quasi-temporary: will all be taken down to paint the walls and secured and tightened properly one permanently in place). I can almost sneak a car in two garages if I pile everything into the other one. The "moving in" will take about a month. The casualty list grows every day: Oakleys, mirrors and glass, microwave, $300 of crushed totes, $500+ worth of lumber, broken refrigerator door, clothing, containers.

I'm covered in bruises, cuts, scrapes, a semi-broken foot, but I'd do it all over again if I had to. Who the eff am I kidding - I have never been so enraged for so long as during this move. I will do it again only by life or limb!

Posted by M: September 3, 2021

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