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While househunting, an interesting bed-and-breakfast/inn came up that ticked all the boxes. We had considered a rental property or other income-generating scenario. This opportunity is seldom seen. We would have to figure out a plan to generate "enough" income to make it work.

Making a business plan is not casual watercooler chitchat. To formulate it in one evening violates every rule. We would be buying it as a house with benefits (hasn't every bad romance started off this way, "with benefits?"). Nothing flourished there in the standard format but I envisioned something different.

Fully furnished, too. Super hardwood features, stained glass, fireplaces, separate living quarters for the owners, a half-dozen bedrooms to accommodate a dozen guests.

The beauty of simplicity is simplicity.
"Yeah, but I wouldn't want to cook for anyone. Would you want to cook for ten people?!"

No, but you're already cooking so the time investment of super-sizing it would be a handsome payoff! A few this and thats and the day would basically be over after breakfast unless it was checkout day.

I wouldn't dream of pulling off a gourmet meal without lots of training or a platinum tension-set ruby ring without serious practice. Even if you can't do gourmet full-out, doing the basics superbly means you don't have to prove anything. The beauty of simplicity is simplicity.

On that note, keep your eyes peeled for my almost famous nearly gourmet breakfast pizzas and calzones! Reserve your spot early for the area's most diverse buffet within a 200ft radius. Holiday cake orders have sold out weeks in advance so get 'em in early - we've doubled production to four cakes this year. Browse the eclectic gallery of ugly handmade Vermont silver chains, jewelry, and artwork. Every guest is a five-star experience for us, mostly when they leave.

I didn't end up viewing it. It's probably gonna be sold in negative 15 minutes anyway so we'd be lucky to discuss anything before making an offer. Houses routinely sell for more than asking price which could put this beyond our realistic budget.

Your subconscious could easily believe a simulation is reality because I vividly imagined how it would work. Every cell in my body was rooting for me - as far as they were concerned this BNB/hotel was happening. Yeah baby! If you ever had difficulty conceptualizing large numbers, trillions of cells in uproar should fix that.

Posted by M: June 19, 2021

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