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Honesty Is a Bad Policy
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Dishonesty is liberating and financially rewarding. I've been doing it wrong and will embrace this new philosophy with fervor. First, I'll confess a few things about my products:
  • Everything is low-quality junk and fake
  • Conflict materials are used exclusively
  • Social responsibility and environmental care is a farce

It's important to be forthcoming with the origin, manufacturing, quality, and every other characteristic about products that a company sells. Consumers are easy prey because they assume sellers are honest. Sellers needn't worry since most victims won't report it for one reason or another.

There are only two explanations for misinformation. The more forgiving is being an irresponsible seller. A quick internet search finds the laws that pertain to selling anything so this disconnect is disturbing. This group acci-purposely made an "honest" mistake.

Ignorance and arrogance are gateway drugs to sinister doings.
The second group is different. These are the people who know better or have been informed of the truth yet choose to do it anyway. It's deliberate fraud. Anything above a $5 sale is fair game. The industry doesn't like facts or laws interfering with business, much the same as counterfeit bags, perfume, fake precious metal jewelry, etc.

Like claiming a plate is 12" but it is under 10-1/2". Or a roll of copper that's said to be 36" wide but really only 18". Just how does that happen?! It's always someone else's fault so they say.

You'd think something so serious as legal troubles would compel them to research it further. The Dunning-Kruger effect says otherwise. Being wrong is not part of their language. Ignorance and arrogance are gateway drugs to sinister doings.

That's usually when nasty words come out. They will rally their friends, all of whom are doing it too. It's no longer about right and wrong; circle the wagons and protect. Whether mom-and-pop kiosks or well-known online sellers, it's the same.

Fake news supplants science, math, physics, facts, truth, you name it. People are empowered by their sophomoric - or is it sophomoronic - echo chambers. They become violent when those falsities are challenged, either by storming the capitol or becoming a vicious troll.

If you know better but you choose to do worse then that's different. As far as the reason for your moral bankruptcy, being ignorant - group one - sounds much less caustic than deliberately victimizing people. You must be so proud either way!

Posted by M: November 8, 2021

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