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The government is out to get your assets. With the computerization of the banking system and proliferation of options, derivatives, and other digitized (and questionable) monies it has become a grab for anything not bolted to the floor. The 2008 real estate crash so brilliantly engineered by the financial systems makes the floor, roof, and kitchen sink fair game.

Of course we have riches beyond imagination with silver and gold reserves. Not the Fort Knox variety but the metals the citizens possess. One article of war - we seem to be constantly at war with some nebulous and ill-defined enemy - allows the government to confiscate precious metals without compensation. However, they don't need war to do such things.

FDR criminalized ownership of gold bullion in 1933 to bail out...the banking system. We have been repeatedly forced to rescue the rich bankers, big companies, and more. When was the last time one of those industries rescued the average American?

Less draconian property grabs have occurred like when pre-1965 silver coins were ordered to be turned in for fiat paper money. The final nail happened when Nixon nixed the dollar being tied to the gold standard.

Anyway, it won't be long before money only exists as bytes. Big Brother may not be after physical property since most of the "easy money" resides in cyberspace. Precious metals will no longer be owned or possessed but rented electronically. The seeds are being sown with the reliance on the internet for everything from purchases to social outlets. This is good for the powers-to-be since a perfunctory mouse click will wipe you clean.

Indirectly related to the money grab, nearly all production capabilities have been shifted overseas. This puts us in a dire situation because the majority of consumer goods are provided by "elsewhere." We will be ^&$#@*! if the number two economy takes exception because one swoop of their president's pen will cripple us.

This is good for the powers-to-be since a perfunctory mouse click will wipe you clean.
The recent tariffs by POTUS make the optimist question whether it is to make America great again or enrich Uncle Sam and big corporations, once again funded by the commoner as the price increases get passed along. The pessimists and realists, labeled as conspiracy theorists for their logical thinking, know the government is gonna get your money through force, decree, taxes, or baiting you with fancy new phones and TVs with inflated price tags.

What can we do? Conserve, recycle, buy local, barter, use co-ops, support renewable energy. Ditch consumerism and capitalism because they are unsustainable and have failed our country (and the world as a whole) as evidenced by the growing gap between haves and have nots and the wholesale destruction of the planet to meet the needs of the tiniest majority of its population.

Which brings me to a quote that I heard recently: Abraham Lincoln said to be weary of internet facts because you never know if they're true. Al Gore, the inventor of the internet, would be proud.

UPDATE 7/25/2022: Absolute control of your assets is being pursued by many countries as they try to adopt a CBDC. The threat to freedom and our (fake) democracies are unheralded. Our reliance on digital everything reaches its only natural outcome: ultimate control over what we can do. China has effectively done it. Everyone needs to resist because they will coming for you soon even if you "have nothing to hide." At some point, you will have something to hide according to the powers-to-be, and they'll want it. WAKE THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE!!!

UPDATE 8/11/2022: If the government doesn't get it the criminals will. The hacking of basically every digital currency has exponentially grown and will continue until something - I'm not sure what - is done to fix it. As smart as technology is we still fail to secure anything and everything electronic from hackers. Instead of physically going to a bank to rob it they can do so from a non-extradition country at their leisure without worry.

Posted by M: September 14, 2018

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