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Toeing the Line
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How does a manufacturer decide which items to make? Jewelry, like many industries, has virtually unlimited possibilities. Among the many categories are another set of decisions, and on and on. No singular person can do it all.

Toe rings are part of my product line. They are purely a fashion statement. Nevertheless, I've decided to expand the line with additional styles.

Unlike most fingers, toes are generally larger at the tip and narrower at the base. This presents a problem with standard rings since they tend to flop around and be uncomfortable as they shift and move about. Therefore, most are made like a cuff bracelet with a slot in the back. The slot makes it adjustable for getting it on and the springiness keeps it secured once in place.

In other words, save that four carat diamond for something else.
How many people wear toe rings when their feet are covered up? There are probably a fair number who do so for one reason or another. Outside of that, bare feet, sandals, or open toe shoes seem the only viable choices. And hopefully pretty need to draw attention to fungus-ridden nails or calloused hammer toes!

Rings can be a massive chunk of precious metal and gemstones - some Superbowl rings weigh in excess of four troy ounces with 20 carats of stones. They're not feasible for toes. Excessive bulk will interfere with shoes, the next toe, walking, and create pressure points. No super thick, super tall ones. No stones for the most part even if inset. In other words, save that four carat diamond for something else.

Plain bands, slightly domed profiles, and some twirly or impressed patterns are about the extent of what's realistic. Perhaps there could be letters stamped on it with enough real estate. Likely no one except the wearer will notice or know about it. Jewelry has meaning and purpose aside from flash and circumstance.

Posted by M: February 29, 2024

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