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Categories: Projects and equipment; Commerce and business

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It would seem simple to design an earring card. There's just enough space for a business name and/or logo, website address, stock or SKU number, maybe a few words. Ink and card color, paperboard thickness, shape, embellishments? Accommodations to display them on a rack or stand?

A one-size-fits-all card won't "work" for tiny Mobius loops and 3" hoops the same. Will it be snazzy enough without being gaudy or distracting?

Fretting over such details can be eliminated by ordering a few sizes of branded, pre-made cards. Or buy a few $15 custom rubber stamps and make the cards in-house. Some printers are versatile enough to do a professional job.

The printed versions, no matter how faint the logo or text, were lacking. Embossing seemed ideal but the $40 pocket version wasn't gonna work. It would be many times more expensive, industrial strength to work on thick cardstock, built to last forever. Five stamp sizes. Every stamping creates value even when it goes to the recycling bin.

Five cards sizes are done in-house on heavy cardstock. They will cover anything smaller than a bracelet: ear, nose, and body jewelry; pendants; charms; regular and stacker rings, etc.

It would be many times more expensive, industrial strength to work on thick cardstock, built to last forever.
Ordering was a pain. Shouldn't sellers answer questions in semi-intelligible English if the listing is written that way? And make potential clients feel valued with definitive, straightforward answers within a couple of days? Just the basics, right?

One seller brashly said there was "no need to answer (my) questions." The pleasure of dismissing a large sale over a few questions must be intoxicating. My seller kept it a guessing game for several weeks. The machine eventually showed up.

The results are good though I've only used the med/lg stamp as installed about 500 times (each stamp is a top and bottom piece). The other four stamps look sharp so they should be fine. Switching stamps is possible but they are not keyed or marked for position or orientation so it's done manually.

For more consistent embossing, I constructed an alignment jig for the cardstock to help center the image. It's an adjustable wooden rest with two sliding clamps holding it in place. Drilling and tapping the base is possible so the makeshift set-up may go away eventually. Everything fit into a hard plastic case that keeps it waterproof and secure.

In real estate it's location, location, location. For luxury items it's presentation, presentation, presentation. A respectful presentation invites owners to discover their bounty. They deserve it. I know my jewelry does.

Posted by M: January 19, 2022

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