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Hunting Flies
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Yes, that was a fly

Categories: Experiences and daily life; Human nature

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After dealing with bug invasions, there had to be some optimism thrown in there for sanity's and FFS. It's all how we look at things.

I explained this to a friend, a kid incessantly crying as the example. What is making them cry? Misery. That as loud as that kid cries, he is effing miserable and I have to derive some enjoyment out of that to offset his wailing. Or is that schadenfreude? Sadism?? These psychological terms all sound the same.

(Aside: This attitude allowed a bitter pill to go down with no more fanfare than necessary. As much as I despised get jerked around during the house-buying process, the only enjoyment was how asininely unique the screwing was. I could appreciate the thoroughness despite my being the screwee. Spoonful of sugar or something like that. Until it got old.)

Way off topic. Bug invasions. With flies, I'd go crazy barring creative ways to pass time. Electric fly swatters disable them momentarily so I won't be improving my tennis swing. To sate my hunting instinct I use a broken rubber band. The flies are transformed into a Rorschach-reject on everything six feet behind it!

While stalking my prey, something triggered an idea. Inspiration can come from the most innocuous and simplistic thing. What was so unusual was the medium: It was a sound which morphed into a complex, human visual performance in a nanosecond. The transformation happened so quick my rational mind had to catch up with my subconscious energy/thought. It was bizarre, a partial full-existence epiphany as it hit mind, body, and spirit all at once.

These psychological terms all sound the same.
An outside observer wouldn't necessarily recognize one of those brainstorms in another. If someone saw what I was doing they'd probably supersize the concept in their mind, a natural reaction I'm banking/counting on.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon later - actually, three - and I talked with a multi-time Cirque de Soleil choreographer. Her expertise and knowledge are beyond my wildest imagination because that's what it's gonna take to sell the idea: a fantasy. What I lack in direct knowledge can be scrubbed with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Without sharing any details, I explained the concept, its origin, and the feelings I wanted the audience to reminisce. Just the pre-beginning and the long-since-past end. A mystery! The shows it pays homage to are well-received. She was excited when she found out, couldn't wait to ink an NDA! But still...if anything, it's a bigger mystery and has some tall boots to fill.

Then again, could I be the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger Effect? Then then again, I know nothing and know that I know nothing so maybe I'll get a reprieve this time around??

All because I was hunting flies. Maybe I should go after bigger prey with advanced weapons to come up with better ideas. This is cicada year and I've been dying to make a semi-automatic thumb tack gun....

Posted by M: August 13, 2021

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